This course is designed for native and nonnative speakers with limited, or no knowledge of the Spanish language.


This level is for speakers with a basic understanding of Spanish. Best for native speakers who need to learn the written language, and for non-native speakers who are beyond the beginner level. This course emphasizes reading comprehension and writing practice.


Advanced courses are for native Spanish speakers who are fluent and can read and write the language, or have 2 or more years of Spanish instruction.


We offer a variety of conversation sessions for different levels and topics:

• Intermediate-advanced
• Native (general topics)
• Literature
• News and world affairs
• Executive

Contact us for information about meeting days, times and locations.


Are individual, flexible and advance at the student’s pace.

• Select the days and times that work for you
• You can choose for one of our qualified instructors to come to your location, or you can come to our convenient downtown location

Contact us for more information and to schedule your private sessions.

* A minimum of five students enrolled in the class is required. We reserve the right to cancel any class if minimum enrollment is not met.